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NAEVA Geophysics, Inc. is a small business service company, headquartered in Charlottesville Virginia, that conducts geophysical surveys for subsurface detection, primarily associated with environmental assessment and remediation. Geophysical methods employed in these investigations may include magnetics, electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and seismic methods. Typical applications may include underground utility location, locating lost underground storage tanks and buried drums of potentially hazardous waste, and landfill investigations. NAEVA Geophysics has developed and demonstrated particular expertise at conducting digital geophysical mapping for locating potential unexploded ordnance (UXO) on active military bases or formerly used defense sites (FUDS).

NAEVA Geophysics, Inc. is a direct descendant of its former parent company, North American Exploration of Virginia (NAEVA), and prior to that, North American Exploration, Inc. (NAE). NAEVA Geophysics, Inc.’s mission is to be the leader in its field by providing quality services at competitive cost to the best companies in the environmental industry. To complete this mission, the company serves and satisfies its customers by continually striving to improve the quality of its products and services.

The original parent company, NAE, was founded in 1964 by Dr. Robert S. Young, a native of Charlottesville, VA. He held BA and MA degrees from the University of Virginia and a PhD degree in Geology from Cornell University. During the period 1959-69, he served as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at the University of Virginia. Dr. Young was a distinguished expert in applying geochemistry, structural analysis, and geophysics to the field of mineral exploration for economic ore bodies. In 1964, he founded NAE as a consulting/service company to provide mineral exploration services to the mining industry. Early exploration projects included base and precious metal exploration in New England, the Southeast, and the Great Basin of the western United States. These projects were followed by an extensive lignite coal exploration program in the Gulf Coast / Costal Plain of the southeastern United States on behalf of Phillips Petroleum Company. This was one of the largest mineral exploration programs ever conducted. Exploration holes were drilled every mile or two along a belt 20-30 miles wide from Texas to North Carolina.

In 1980, Bob Young sold NAE to O. Jay Gatten, an independent consulting geologist from Kaysville, Utah and former executive with Phillips Petroleum Company. A western office of NAE was opened in Utah at that time, to offer similar mineral exploration field services to clients in the western states. In addition to the lignite coal exploration program in the early 1980’s was an equally extensive oil shale exploration program for Phillips Petroleum Company in the central US. Also, beginning in 1980, NAE embarked on a world class diamond exploration program for Exmin Corporation of Bloomington, Indiana. Exploration services that NAE performed included geological mapping, geophysical surveying, and geochemical sampling throughout numerous states and provinces in the US and Canada. This program lasted 20 years and was one of the largest “hardrock” mineral exploration programs ever conducted in the United States.

In 1993, NAE opened an office in Rockland County, New York to perform subsurface detection services for environmental remediation and formed a subsidiary North American Exploration of Virginia (NAEVA) which consisted of the Charlottesville and New York offices. Both offices experienced slow but steady growth in the environmental geophysics field. In 1996, John Allan, an employee of 21 years, purchased NAEVA and renamed the company NAEVA Geophysics, Inc. in order to accent its focus on environmental geophysics.

Throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s NAEVA has experienced dramatic growth. Today, NAEVA Geophysics, Inc., with over 70 employees, has established itself as a national leader in the field of geophysical subsurface detection. The New York office has developed particular expertise in subsurface utility locating, even in ultra-complex environments like the streets of Manhattan. The Virginia office specializes in digital geophysical mapping on active or former military bases throughout the country and internationally. Such surveys typically detect potentially unexploded ordnance items (UXO) that may pose a threat to human safety. Programs of this nature have been carried out at Fort Ritchie, Fort Pickett, Fort Ord, Adak Island in Alaska, Camp Elliott, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Fort Dix, Massachusetts Military Reservation, Hawaii, Vieques in Puerto Rico, and Bavaria, Germany. Since 1996, the number of employees has increased six fold and revenues from environmental geophysical work have increased from $363,000 to over $8 million! NAEVA is currently one of the largest employers of geologists and geophysicists in the state of Virginia, and historically, over the past 40 years, has provided employment for hundreds of geologists.

NAEVA plans to continue its growth and expansion, and continue as the industry leader in performing subsurface detection geophysical surveys for environmental assessments.

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