Data Processing

NAEVA processes and analyzes UXO data using Geosoft’s OasisMontaj software with the UX-Detect module. This software enables the application of data corrections to the raw data and generating corrected gridded data which is used to interpret anomaly locations.

Preliminary processing to properly position the digital data is generally performed in the field and the data are then electronically transferred to the main office for advanced processing and target selection.

3D Image

Click the image to open an interactive 3D visualization (1.6mb PDF)

Initial checks are performed on the data to verify data quality and coverage then appropriate corrections - such as drift, leveling, latency and digital filtering – are applied. The corrected data is then gridded and displayed in on a map. Target selections are made using automated peak picking algorithms on either the corrected EM data or analytic signal of dipole magnetic data.

The Oasis software allows for dynamic linking which enables the processor to evaluate the data simultaneously in table, profile and gridded formats which aids the refinement of automated target selection and data interpretation. Finalized prioritized dig sheets and contour map as well as GIS compatible data that can easily be integrated with project GIS are provided to the client, field crews and dig teams.


Geosoft Oasis montaj is used to process the geophysical data. Click image for a larger version.

Grid Map

Large areas are divided into a grid system and are targeted individually. Click image for a larger version.

Mosaic 2

Click image for a larger version.

Mosaic 1

Mosaic images are created from multiple grids, allowing presentation of target density across an area. Click image for a larger version.