NAEVA Selected to Demonstrate Advanced Processing and Discrimination Techniques

In partnership with SAIC, one of the leaders in the development of classification techniques for munitions response, NAEVA has been selected to participate in the ongoing series of ESTCP technology transfer demonstrations. The purpose of these demonstrations is to investigate the evolving classification technology and methodologies at real sites with various operational conditions and munitions contaminants that are representative of real world conditions. In addition NAEVA was tasked with investigating, in cooperation with regulators and program managers, how classification technologies can be implemented in cleanup operations as part of a technology transfer program designed to transition emerging research concepts into commercial practice. The overall classification study consists of data collection using a variety of commercial and developmental geophysical sensors and analysis using a number of algorithms and methods. NAEVA’s involvement is allowing us to gain experience with the state-of-the art TEMTADS and MetalMapper acquisition systems which we then plan to implement at actual MEC remediation sites.